Come and proudly represent your company
II Corporate
September 26
Kick Off
December 15

Principles of the League

Play and proudly represent your company, at the EuroPadel II Corporate League

Commit you and your team, to play, have fun, and make networking with other companies.

  • Open to all companies and institutions all around Luxembourg region.
  • Each participating company/institution should be made of a minimum of 6 players.
  • League Group Phase (4 meetings/match day per company) will be played from Monday 26 September.
  • Final+ Fiesta Day will take place on Thursday 15 December.

Phase Group Matches

  • Group phase matches will be played on Mondays (and on Fridays if necessary) at Sport4Lux et TC Garisart on rotational basis.
  • For every phase Group meeting, every company will be represented by 4 players (Team A +Team B).
  • Every match day, participating companies will play 4 matches (Team A of company "X" against Team A of company "Y", Team B against Team B; and then A against B, and B against A).
  • All participating companies will receive the calendar with the scheduled times at the beginning of the league for the whole group phase
  • All teams must be present at the Padel courts 10 minutes before the time sheduled, with the 2 teams of 2 people (Team A and Team B) playing that day
  • The courts will be booked for you in both clubs, Sport4Lux and Garisart.
  • Both, the calendar of the league, and the evolution of the results will be available on this website
  • Every team will receive a pack of padel balls at the start of the league and a score sheet to fill in with the players names and the score of the day.
  • All participating companies will appoint a captain that will act as interlocutor with the organisation of the league.

Role of the Captains

  • Registering your company to the league.
  • Making sure the company presents 2 teams of two players each (4 players in total) on every match day.
  • At the end of the matches, signing the score sheet. The captain of the winning team will transmit the score sheet to the organisation by email with copy to the captain of the loosing team.

Registration Fee

550 € / Company-Institution

Number of companies participating in the league is limited to multiples of 5, first come first served.
The companies sending the form after closing a group will be put in a waiting list until a new group of 5 companies is reached.


Main values of the Padel Corporate League

Team Building



  • Padel is an easy sport for all ages, it is social, it is convivial.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, and to its social component, it is perfect to meet people.
  • Europadel Luxembourg Club ASBL is the first Padel association in Luxembourg, promoted by players and for the players.
  • Together with Sport4Lux, and Garisart, the Padel Corporate League is now launched by Europadel to bring its convivial and social spirit to the professional networking of sportive and open people all around Luxembourg.



Group phase matches

From Monday 26 September

From 19.00 to 21.00, and from 21.00 to 23.00 at Sport4Lux and TC Garisart on rotational basis


Final Fiesta: Garisart

Thursday 15 December

Final matches with the participation of all companies/institutions followed by a BBQ+fiesta in a convivial enviroment: Fun, Networking and Team Building. Open to all relatives and friends of participating companies.



View matches schedules, locations and scores


View teams and divisions standings

Division 1

P Sets
1 EY1 5 39-4
2 PWC 4 25-8
3 Deloitte 1 4 15-10
4 Credit Suisse 1 4 11-24
5 EIB 5 8-28
6 Clifford Chance 4 2-26
13/15 matches played

Division 2

P Sets
1 Ferrero 5 32-11
2 CEL 5 29-8
3 Akabi 4 17-17
4 Europadel 5 18-20
5 KPMG 5 10-30
6 Deloitte 2 4 2-22
14/15 matches played

Division 3

P Sets
1 Ekonoo 5 37-8
2 CBP 4 23-10
3 Credit Suisse 2 4 19-10
4 Bankinter 5 17-25
5 EY2 5 8-28
6 Inetum 5 4-27
14/15 matches played

Division 4

P Sets
1 BDL 5 38-5
2 ECA 5 24-17
3 SWORD TECH 5 23-20
4 SOPRA 5 16-21
5 AZTEC 5 10-28
6 FANUC 5 11-31
15/15 matches played

Partners Clubs

EuroPadel Luxembourg Club ASBL, the first Padel Association at the Grand Duché thanks the support received from Sport4Lux and Garisart for the organisation of this I Padel Corporate League.

Tennis Club Garisart

Weyler, Zone Artisanale 30,
6700 Arlon, BE


View Location


34 Rue Gabriel Lippmann,
5365 Schuttrange, LU

View Location

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